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Lady Haig's Poppy Factory

No. 7 Wreath (20", Upload Your Own Badge)

No. 7 Wreath (20", Upload Your Own Badge)

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This wreath HAS to be customised with your own image/logo at this point.  You must do this before you complete the purchase.

The No. 7 poppy wreath is approx. 20″ in diameter. The frame is made from plastic along with the black buttons. The poppy petals are made from acetate taffeta which have been crimped to give them a distinctive shape. The poppies are 3″ in diameter.

Each wreath comes with a Remembrance card attached which is biodegradable and so it will not be supplied with a plastic envelope.The No. 7 wreath requires a badge to be attached, although it can be purchased blank for you to add your own logo.

Instructions on uploading a badge:

  1. On the product page, locate the section titled "Image Upload."
  2. Click the "Choose file" button to browse and select an image from your device. Ensure the image you choose is either JPEG or PNG only.  Any other format is incompatible with our system, and your order refunded.
  3. After selecting the image, a box will appear allowing you to crop and adjust the image to your desired fit. Use the provided tools to make any necessary adjustments.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the image, click the tick box located in the upper right corner of the screen to confirm your selection.
  5. Optionally, if you would like to save the image for future use as a badge, you can enter a name for your image in the "Image Name" field below the "Image Upload" section. This will allow us to store the image for you to access for future purchase(s) later. If you prefer not to save the image, simply leave this field blank.
  6. After completing the previous steps, you can either click "Add to Cart" or "Buy It Now" to proceed with your order.
  7. Continue to the checkout page and follow the prompts to confirm your payment details and complete the purchase.

Queries should be sent by e-mail to

  • Dimensions: 20-inch diameter
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