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We Have Moved


We completed our move to Redford Barracks at the beginning of December last year and other than the Christmas and New Year shutdown period we have been fully operational ever since.  The picture below shows the main production area of our new temporary factory.

The Main Work Area of The Poppy Factory within our temporary home at Redford Barracks

The Lady Haig Poppy Factory Within Redford Barracks


As we have previously stated, for the duration of our time at Redford Barracks we will not be able to receive visitors or customer as we are ‘behind the wire’ on a military base.  However all our contact details, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are un-changed and you will not notice and difference in contacting us.  Orders placed with us will be posted out to customers. The only exception to this will be for single customers requiring large orders of 50 wreaths of more when we have pre-arranged a collection time.


The works start at the Warriston site on 3rd March with the removal of all the asbestos.  This is likely to take three months and has to be completed before we can start the next phase.  Currently we plan to move back after appeal 2020.


Finally we are still looking at the feasibility of a ‘pop-up-shop’ where customers can come and buy stock items from us directly.  Once we know if this is feasible we will let people know via all the usual channels.


Thank you all for your continuing support during this transitional period.


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