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COVID-19 UPDATE In response to the Prime Minister's and First Minister's address to the nation last night the LHPF have closed down for the next 3 weeks. We will review the situation on or around 14th April. During this period we will not be able to accommodate any orders for wreaths or other items. Our workforce of disabled ex-servicemen and women have shown great fortitude and many will continue to manufacture poppies from home during this difficult time. We hope to be back soon and will keep you appraised of progress. We wish everybody good luck as we fight and defeat this unseen enemy! Remember 'Come together by staying apart'!

Sunny New Entries for Post a Poppy Pic Competition 2019

Let us brighten up this dreich day with some sunny new entries for our Post a Poppy Pic. Competition.  The featured photograph was taken by Karen Plested in sunny Kent.  Very beautiful colours Karen, well done.

Poppies, Sea, Forth, Fife, Coast

Entry No. 34 Christine Evans

Entries No. 33 & 34 were taken by Christine Evans.

Poppies, Somme, Misty, Battlefields

Entry No. 33 taken by Christine Evans at the Battlefields in the Somme


Entries No. 35 & 36 taken by Michelle Kearnon in Fife.  Can you spot the bee?


Entry No. 37 Janette Hartley

Entry No. 37 taken by Janette Hartley at Cocklaw Foot nr. Yetholm in the Scottish Borders.


Poppies, Field, Dog

Entry No. 38 Wendy Turner

Entry No. 38 taken by Wendy Turner at Easthaven, Angus. This chap seems to be enjoying the poppies.

Poppy, Poppies, Field, Red

Entry No. 39 Angela Kyle

Entry No. 39 taken by Angela Kyle at Morton of Pitmilly, Kingbarns.

Red, Poppies, Blue, Sky

Entry No. 40 Alan Shellard


Beach, Poppies, Angus, Field

No. 41 Alan Shellard

Entries No. 40 & 41 taken by Alan Shellard at the Beach at East Haven, Angus.

A big thank you for all the entries received so far.  Fingers crossed for some nice weather soon and lots more pictures.  We ask that if you have entered a photo previously you do no re-enter?  Many thanks.  Happy Snapping!



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