Somme Commemorative Wreath (No. 7)

Somme Commemorative Wreath (No. 7)


Product Description

The No. 7  Somme Commemorative poppy wreath is approx. 20″ in diameter.

It is made from a plastic base and the poppy petals are made from silk which have been crimped to give it a distinctive shape. Each wreath comes with a Remembrance card attached. The No. 7 Somme Commemorative wreath is not held as a stock item, but is made to order.  The Somme Commemorative wreath comes with the words Somme at the top with 1916 printed below with the iconic silhouette of a solder at a cross printed on top of a field of poppies.

This wreath is available in Nos. 2 (£26.00), 7 (£33.00) & 8 (£80.00) (picture shown is a No 7)

Additional Information

Weight 0.78 kg


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