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Badged Crosses & Remembrance Symbols Available Year Round From Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory

As the time for many annual services of remembrance fast approaches we have been busy shipping orders for Badged Crosses and Remembrance Symbols. They are available to order from our factory all year round. Prices start from £2.00 and additional P&P charges will apply.

Our Remembrance Symbols are especially popular with customers who are travelling on battlefield tours, their size means that they can easily be accommodated where luggage space is limited.  Our Badged Crosses and Badged Humanist/Non-Religious Symbol although smaller sized in comparison to our Poppy Wreaths,  still allow a very personal and affordable tribute to be laid at any time of year.

Just A Few Examples of The Badged Remembrance Crosses We Can Supply

Our range of Remembrance Symbols includes: Remembrance Cross Symbol, Star of David Symbol, Crescent Moon Symbol, Om Symbol, Sikh Khanda Symbol, Humanist/Non-Religious Symbol.  Our range of Badged Symbols Includes: Badged Remembrance Cross, Badged Om Symbol, Badged Humanist/Non-Religious Symbol.  We also offer a Silk Poppy Cross which is very popular and is a little different from the traditional Remembrance Cross Symbol.

Our Remembrance Symbols are assembled at Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory

Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory Assemble Remembrance Symbols All Year Round









For those who are unable to lay a tribute but would like to we have a service called ” Let Us Plant It For You” where a Badged Cross Symbol of choice will be laid in the Edinburgh Garden of Remembrance within Princes Street Gardens on your behalf.  The Edinburgh Garden of Remembrance opens on 28th October

Bespoke Badged Cross

this year and your Badged Cross will be planted after the opening and will remain in place until it is dismantled on 12th November 2019. You will be sent an e-mailed image of your Badged Remembrance Cross once it is planted in the Garden of Remembrance.  This is repeat order service and following an initial order and payment of £6.00 you will be invoiced annually and your tribute will be planted on your behalf and your image forwarded via e-mail automatically.

We Can Plant Your Badged Cross On Your Behalf Annually Within The Edinburgh Garden Of Remembrance

To order any of our Remembrance Symbols or our “Let Us Plant It For You” service visit our online shop or call our sales office 0131 550 1573/1574 during office hours. (Monday/Thursday 0830-16.00 & Friday 0830-1500).


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