Badged Cross With A Tartan Touch

We recently designed a Badged Cross with a tartan background and have had some requests again recently for some more – they’re proving popular and can be produced with any tartan background provided.  The badge which is 6cm in diameter can incorporate either a regimental cap badge or a photograph (subject to the image quality) with the tartan background. Designs can also be incorporated into the Badged Humanist Symbol.

The first tartan Badged Cross we designed was planted overseas as the customer wanted to leave a little touch of ‘home’ by the grave of a relative who died during The Great War.  More recently the purpose of the design was solely to personalise a token of remembrance with a gentle nod to the family heritage.

tartan badged cross designed by lady haig's poppy factory

Rennie Mackintosh Tartan   Badged Cross

The  Badged Cross is particularly suitable to take on an overseas battlefield trip when luggage space is at a premium, enabling one to leave a fitting and personal tribute.

bespoke tartan badged crosses available from lady haigs poppy factory

Badged Cross With A Bespoke Tartan Centre

Badged Humanist Symbol With Bespoke Tartan Badge

bespoke badged tartan humanist remembrance symbol available from lady haig's poppy factory

Badged Humanist Symbol With Gordon Highlander’s Cap Badge On A Tartan Background

Our Badged Cross, Badged Humanist Symbol and assorted Remembrance Symbols are available to order via our online shop:  or by telephone via our Sales Office 0131 550 1573/1574.  (Monday – Thursday 8.30am-4.30pm & Friday 8.30am-1.30pm).