Adding A Scottish Element To Our Bespoke Centres

Our wreath making team here at Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory love a challenge!  One of our customers is about to meet with family from overseas in France to visit the grave of a family member and asked our guys to make a Badged Cross with a tartan background – adding a Scottish element to her token of remembrance.

Having scanned a copy of a precious photograph from a locket, Jim – our wreath maker then placed the image onto a Rennie Mackintosh tartan background and then created a Badged Cross.

Many of our customers have limited luggage space – and this example shows that even faced with this issue, it’s possible to take a specially created and personalised token of remembrance and make a trip to remember someone very special.   We can also place bespoke centres into the middle of our W2, W7 & W8 wreaths.  More information on our remembrance items can be found at our online shop.

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Bespoke Centre Designed By Our Wreath Makers


Our customer was delighted with her Badged Cross and we’d also love to know what you think of it.  Would you be interested in having a Scottish themed remembrance centre?  We’d be grateful for your feedback.