We Are Moving

Update Number One

At the end of this year’s Poppy Appeal we will be relocating to Redford Barracks for a period of two years while our premises at Warriston Road are refurbished.

We have been very lucky to secure temporary premises at Redford Barracks and we would like to thank the Army in Scotland for their help and support in allowing this.  For many of us it will be like going back in time, as a number of factory staff spent time at Redford when they were in uniform.

This is an exciting time for us and will ensure that our factory is fit for purpose as we go forward beyond 2018.  We have already received funding of £2.2 Million from the UK Government for the refurbishment and we are now writing the detailed programme for the next two years.  Clearly a lot of detail is still to be confirmed and we will post regular bulletins here to keep our customers and supporters appraised of where we are.

Currently we plan to vacate Warriston Road immediately after this year’s appeal and move into Redford over Christmas and the New Year with the intention of being fully operational again on Thursday 3rd January 2019.  Over the transition period we will be offering our normal wreath selling service but PLEASE NOTE that after Fri 16th November the factory at Warriston Road will be closed to visitors.  All orders will therefore have to be posted and cannot be collected.

Once we are established at Redford we will continue to offer exactly the same service as we do currently.  The only exception to this is that we will not be able to welcome visitors or customers to the premises as it is on a military site and ‘behind the wire’.  Again, this means that all orders placed with us will be posted to customers.  The only exception to this will be for very large orders where we have prearranged a collection time.

It also means that we will not be able to offer tours of the factory during our time at Redford.  These will resume once we return to Warriston Road.  We will however continue to post on Facebook and here to let everybody see how the refurbishment is going.

We will update this page with more information as we progress.