Here Comes The Rain Again…Post A Poppy

It’s Monday once again, and despite a lovely sunny Saturday the rain has returned once more – at this rate – as quick as our lovely poppies are appearing – the rain will be knocking the beautiful, delicate petals off! Despite this, our followers have been lucky enough to spot some perfect poppies whilst the sun was shining and here they are to brighten this miserable Monday!

Entry No. 54 taken by Amanda McNamara from Glasgow was captured on a trip to Essex Farm.  What a great mix in this pic – thistle, cornflower and a pretty poppy – thanks for sending this image Amanda.

Here comes the rain again

Entry No. 55  Margaret Douglas

Entry No.55 is by Margaret Douglas and these poppies are growing in her wildflower patch in her Stirlingshire garden.  I’ll bet the butterflies and bees are regular visitors to your garden Margaret.

The ‘summer’ winds and plentiful rain are sure to mean there will be more pretty poppies growing in the most unexpected places and we’d love you to photograph any you spot and share them with us.  You can post them direct to our Facebook page or send them via Facebook Messenger.  Get those cameras at the ready and happy snapping!